More Chihuahua Dog Pictures!

I searched around for some really nice Chihuahua dog pictures and found some calendar pictures.

Yes, I actually bought most of these..I used the excuse that if I'm going to recommend them then I should own them (but actually I just wanted to have more Chihuahua Pictures to add to my collection!).

So enjoy, but be forewarned...Chihuahua dog pictures can be addictive!

Are you ready for more great calendars? Well, I also found these...

This next calendar really is a "mini"'s only about 5" x 5" so it fits nicely next to your PC or in that cubicle at work!

2003 calendars are still popular since lots of people tell me they like to take the great Chihuahuas pics and frame them.

The following pictures are from 2003 calendars.

OK, so you've had enough of the Chihuahua pictures calendars? It's time to check out some of the other great photos you'll find throughout my site!

Go ahead, explore some more!

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