Can't get enough Chihuahua Pictures?

Is there such a thing as too many Chihuahua pictures? No, it's not possible! Here you'll find pictures of great little Chihuahua dogs.

Some photos are ours, and others are of Chihuahuas that other Chi "parents" have been kind enough to send. But that isn't enough. There are also pictures from books and calendars and anywhere else I can find them (legitimately, that is)

I hope you enjoy these pictures!

"Please don't take my picture!"

I can't begin to describe what a joy Yoda has been in our lives. Chihuahuas are a constant source of entertainment. It's so easy to fall in love with such a small, sweet creature. If only I had a picture for every time I thought "oh, what a cute picture that would be", I could fill up 20 web sites!

I would love to share your Chihuahua pictures with the other Chi friends who visit here, so if you have a picture or two (or more!) to share, please email them to .

Your pictures will not be used for any purpose other than to share on this Chihuahua Pictures site. Please add a few words about your Chi if you'd like to share a story with others.

New pictures will be added regularly (as I receive them), so if you haven't seen your favorite Chihuahua picture yet, be sure to check again soon.

In addition to the Chihuahua pics, I've added a few topics you might find interesting, so I hope you'll explore my site and enjoy!

Now if only I could teach our little Yoda to read he could enjoy it too!